Les homophones

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This Exercise Book contains more than 30 fun dictations where students have to fill in the blanks. Strategies to differentiate between homophones are also provided.

The following French homophones are studied:

a, à, as
son, sont
ce, se
ou, où
mais, mes
peu, peut, peux
es, est
ces, ses
on, ont
m'a, ma, m'as

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  • Student workbook
  • Reproducible (For teachers)
  • PDF

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The Exercise Book has three sections, divided as follows:

  • A box combining homophones and their definitions, plus strategies for recognizing them and examples.
  • Fun texts in the form of fill-in-the-blank dictations, where students can apply the strategies they have learned.
  • Writing exercises where students write short sentences that incorporate the homophones they have studied.
  • Revision exercises.

At the end of the Exercise Book, students are given a fill-in-the-blank dictation, Je récapitule, where they have to pick the right French homophone from among the ones they have studied.

Find all the correct answers at the end of the Exercise Book!

Data sheet

Author Josée Hurteau
ISBN Student workbook: 9780978280888 - Reproducible: 9781897552032
Version Papier
Subject French
Level Elementary School, High School, Adults

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