Avoir et être

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This Exercise Book includes more than 40 exercises in the form of entertaining texts to learn the verbs avoir and être, one tense at a time.

The two verbs are introduced first, together with an explanation of their special characteristics and meanings. The difference between a verb and an auxiliary is also explained.

Each of the main verb tenses is then outlined, along with a series of corresponding exercises.

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  • Student workbook
  • Reproducible (For teachers)
  • PDF

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Tenses covered:

  • Présent
  • Imparfait
  • Futur
  • Conditionnel présent
  • Passé composé
  • Passé simple

Types of exercises:

  • Decline the verb in the tense as indicated
  • Make the verb agree with its subject
  • Choose the right tense
  • Choose the right verb

Find all the correct answers at the end of the Exercise Book!

Data sheet

Author Josée Hurteau
ISBN Student workbook: 9780978280888 - Reproducible: 9781897552032
Version Papier
Subject French
Level Elementary School

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